Sri Caitanya Caritamrta – 14 | Adi Lila 8~9: The Desire Tree of Devotional Service

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Dandavat pranam to the teachers,
First of all please accept pranam unto your lotus feets. So greatful for Caitanya Caritamrta katha and like me ,there are more are egarly waiting for Srimad Bhagavatam katha from you teachers!!Hoping very soon !!

All glories to Sri guru and Sri gauranga
Dandavat pranam

My dear teachers…….. please accept my humble obeisances….. Hare Krishna..
I was yearing to knw more about lord chaitanya mahaprabu…… its successfully completing through your teachings …… amazing experience, learning and learned and gained lots of knowledge which cannot be said by text messages and quit off my hands of praises…….
I wish you to take classes same on srimad bhagavatam……. as you take ok chaitanya charitamrt. I really want to gain knowledge on srimad bhagavatam as well as chaitanya bhagavatam too …….
I knw others also may be in need of your help in receiving such great service …..

If you could take classes on srimad bhagavatam it really wll be a great service doing to Krishna as well as me and other devotees……

The way you are taking classes are like the mother is feeding the baby…….
My dear parents I am so fallen …… I wish to knw and enlighten more about lord Krishna .
Thank you 😊💗

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