Sri Chaitanya Charitamrta – 16

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Vishnu Priya Nattamai Vishnu Priya Nattamai June 6, 2021 at 5:16 pm

Thank you very much Amar ji & Sukirti ji….for providing such wonderful treasure of Caitanya Caritamrita to us. Till I take this course I was not knowing about Caitanya Mahaprabhu…Whenever I visit ISKCON temple in Mumbai, i amazed to see the beautiful deities of Caitanya and Nityananda. I love to stand for a while in front of these deities to understand who are they…whenever I ask my husband, he always says that these 2 people or sishyas of Prabhupadha…then again i ask him, if these 2 are sishyas of prabhupadha then how these 2 deities kept inside near Krishna and Prabhupath deity kept outside in front of Krishna…I was not convinced….but frankly i didnt try to find out them….after so many years I blessed to know about them through your wonderful service…Due to my office work i couldnt attend the classes online, but wanted to go thru youtube…Last Sunday I started and daily i love to listen caitanya caritamrita and till now I have completed Part 16…and eagerly waiting for Part 17 to start on June 8th. Wonderfully connecting so many networking scriptures and specially how the incarnations happening…..each and every person who were appeared with Krishna were re appearing in Caitanya’s period specially like, parrots, gopikas, cowherd boys….so many characters …its really amazing amazing….As Caitanya says to Mayavadi pandits, I am not qualified to read vedas…but I can follow Mahamantra….I fell so happy whenever i say Mahamantra…I listen each chapter and love to share with my family members everyday….I told my husband that next time when we visit ISKCON Temple, we can get blessings of Caitanya and Nityananda….I used to listen 2 chapters every day and today I reached upto Chapter 16…waiting for the class notes to download as it is not available for Part 16..Once again pranams to you both Sukirti ji & Amar ji….Showers of blessings from Krishna to you both devotees…..I can see Caitanya’s & Nityananda’s incarnations in you both….I am totally mersmerised whenever I attend Gita classes now adding to the crown is this caitanya classes…..Hare Krishna…

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