Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How we will attend the Gita Made Easy Course Classes?

Course nominators can attend through cloud platform of Zoom. Registered users will be notified via email. Please join at-least 5 mins before the scheduled time.
If you are unable to join via Zoom then please join our FB group , where we will be live simultaneously.

How do I get my session questions answered?

A Link will be send post session to fill in your questions, where you can submit your questions which will directly reaches to our panelists and we will email you back the answers. 

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes It will be recorded and it will be part of your course material in the course page.

What to do if I have a login issue/not able to register?

Try again to register with different username, may some user already there in the same name.
In case if you are having difficulties to join or shows user already exists,
Try the Lost password option. You should get email verification link to recover the account.

What to do if not able to receive the verification links in my email?

There could be reason the multiple trial or browser issues are there, try after few minutes. You may also consider to clear browser cache.

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