Worship at Home

Level 1 Course

1. Worship at home

This course helps you begin worshipping Krishna at home. Following correct principles and proper practice, such worship awakens our affection for the Lord.

2. Course Features

Using modern education and training technology, the course content is so organized that it is very easy to understand and practice.

3. Why to worship Krishna at home?

This section helps develop proper mood and attitude towards worshipping Krishna.

4. How to setup a temple at home?

The list of all what you would require for setting up a temple.

5. Whom to worhip?

How to decide on whom to invite for your home altar?

6. Prerequisites for worship

Is there any qualification for who can worship Krishna at home?

7. How to perform Arati at home?

A detailed section on how the actual worship should be performed for Krishna.

8. Learn the mantras for worshipping

Do check the audios to get the correct pronunciation.

9. How to offer bhoga?

The detail procedure of offering bhoga along with the necessary mantras.

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