Devotion in Action

DIA Krishna in the center

Devotion in Action

DIA Krishna in the center

DIA Impact

What would this course do?

Carefully handcrafted using 15 years+ experience training/mentoring hundreds of spiritual seekers, this course is more like a ‘user manual’ for spirituality. Solutions to challenges or difficulties in life, especially those, you face in your practice of Krishna Consciousness, comprise the very essence of this course.
Questions like – how to control one’s mind, anger, and other vices, how to deal with others, how to become a better devotee and a better human being, this course gives workable solutions. It is all about putting scriptural knowledge to practice in the current times.

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What you will learn


"What qualifies one to practice devotion in action"

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Me-the enjoyer!

  • Words have power!
  • Its all in the MIND
  • I am what I eat
  • The 'GUT' feels!
  • The toughest knot


“What stops me? The obstacles on devotional service”

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What STOPS me?

  • When MORE is LESS
  • The HARD work
  • Deal gossip mongers
  • I do what pleases me
  • Let's talk friendship
  • Insatiable greed


"How to ensure absolute success?”

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  • The driving force-ENTHUSIASM
  • Confidence within and without
  • Good things take time!
  • The foundational process
  • The power of letting go
  • Follow the successful, success will follow you

Safety Net

"How to ensure full proof protection?"

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Sharing is Caring

  • Six Loving exchanges
  • Discriminate to protect
    • The trend-setters
    • The contemporaries
    • The novice


“How to achieve perfection in devotion”

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  • The crest jewel
  • The spiritual hierarchy

DIA Takeaways

Course Features

“I am convinced about my spiritual goals and want to pursue them sincerely. However, at times either it is family, or colleagues, or sometimes my own mind which stops me!”
If this resonates with you, then this course is perfect for you!

Solution-oriented approach
Interactive exercises
Course Materials
Zoom Classes
Multiple batches
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