Damodar Aarati

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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According to the Vaishnava calendar, Damodar month is celebrated around Deepavali time, in the month of October-November. It is also known as Kartik masa. This year it falls from 21st October to 19th November 2021.

This month is very dear to Lord Krishna, since he was bound by Mother Yasoda by her love.  As mother Yashoda is a great devotee, the Lord wants to celebrate this month to glorify the devotee.

The online Damodar Arati is an online puja conducted by the Study Gita team connected to ISKCON, Chennai. Participants will show ghee lamps and hear Krishna Katha etc.

According to sastras all the sins committed will be destroyed. Thousand times benefits will be derived by performing such a simple devotional service with love.  Much more will be explained by your facilitator.

No restriction. Anyone can offer the lamp.

Yes.  But, please try to avoid, if possible.

Yes. You can avoid cooking non-vegetarian food at home on that particular day.

It’s up to you! As the host you can invite your relatives, neighbors and friends and they can join online.

Upon confirmation, we will share the google meet id. You may circulate the same to all those whom you would like to invite. 

  1. Altar (with picture of Lord Sri Krishna in any form, preferably Yashoda and baby Krishna)
  2. Flowers for the picture and some lamp or candles
  3. Bhoga to be offered (vegetarian food without onion garlic or some fruits)
  4. Ghee lamps (earth lamps with wicks dipped in ghee) (one lamp for each member of your home). If you are inviting guests, ask them to keep the lamps ready with them too.

Kindly check your email. You should have received the confirmation email, meeting link, facilitator contact details.

Yes. Based on the availability. Please check your meeting confirmation email in your inbox, at the end of it there are options for cancellations and rescheduling. Please take advantage of it.

A survey/feedback form will be sent to you by mail and the same can be filled and sent to us.

Yes, you can give, but it is voluntary only.

This donation will be received by ISKCON, Chennai

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