Open Book Assignment

Gita Mastery Course - Trimester 1

Please note:
  1. This assignment will further deepen your understanding
  2. It is optional for the participants
  3. Still we strongly recommend you to complete it.
  4. Email yours answers to:
  5. Email Subject: GMC T1 OBA

Chapter 1:

  1. Please share your most significant learnings.
  2. Could you apply these learnings in your life? If yes, quote an example. If no, what challenge do you face?
  3. Which is your favorite verse from chapter 1? Please quote the verse no. and explain why.

Chapter 2:

  1. What are the six symptoms of Bhagavan given in verse 2?
  2. How many qualities of soul did Krishna enlist from verses 11-30? Which of those qualities you found most interesting?
  3. Lord Krishna gives an example in verse 22. Has it brought about any change in the way you live your life?

Chapter 3:

  1. In verse 14, Srila Prabhupada gives example of vaccine. Please explain it’s significance. Have you applied this principle in your life? Any challenges?
  2. With reference to fuel and fire in verse 39, why is it necessary to follow the regulative principles (No meat eating, No Intoxication, No Illicit Sex, No Gambling?

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