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Devotion in Action

(Saturday Batch)

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21 thoughts on “Devotion in Action – Saturday”

  1. Bhavin Mapara

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji and Mataji
    Excellent initiative taken by both of you.
    You both are doing excellent work for the benefits of society including individuals like me, and giving insight on basics of life through he knowledge of Vegas and scriptures which you have acquired by your hard work . Thanks a for devoting your time and guiding us to make ourselves a better person and utilize this opportunity of human life to try to return back to our home. Hare Krishna

  2. Laxmi Ravi

    🙏Hare Krishna 🙏
    Very Happy to join sincere thanks for your beautiful services and blessings
    As my spiritual master kindly accept my humble Pranams
    Looking forward to learn lots more
    🙏Hare Krishna 🙏

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