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Devotion in Action

(Sunday Batch)

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19 thoughts on “Devotion in Action – Sunday”

  1. Kalpathi Ramoo Seshadri

    Dandavat pranams to my bonafide disciplic spiritual masters who have painstakingly moulded my character and given a chance to my humble soul to surrender totally and completly at the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord and be the servant of servants.I seek the causeless mercy of my gurujis for all the offences I may have done knowingly or unknowingly. Hare Krishna.Please bless me so that I am able to remember the beautiful Lord Shyamsundar at the time of my death. Hari Bol !

  2. Sruti Murali

    This is such a carefully, impeccably curated course. I just cannot believe how it is possible to design the slides in such a realistic manner. We could relate at so many junctures quoted. OMG! I knew this course was going to be one of its kind but this is something more… “Unexpected and pleasant” ..to call it 😁. Am loving every bit of it. Thank you prabhuji and mataji … And team StudyGita…

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