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Discover Yourself

An invaluable guide for all thoughtful people who are trying to discover life

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Man has been extremely enthusiastic in trying to discover the world around him but he has been almost equally averse to trying to discover the world within him. This imbalance has led to a serious identity crisis. The modern man doesn’t know who he is and what actual the goal of life is.

This course ‘Discover yourself’ will be an invaluable guide for all thoughtful people who are trying to discover life. 

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10 thoughts on “Discover Yourself”

  1. Padmanarayanan Aravamudhan

    Just now I completed this course. I want to offer my obeisances to those who have master-minded this course and how they have taken to the entire course with vivid examples. I am really thrilled to learn this course. Needless to say, I will practice without delay. My pranams to all those who have created this course. I cannot simply write “Thank you”, but I would like to confess from the bottom of the heart I am enlightened.


    I am interested in doing the course on Discover Yourself. Let me know the starting date of this course. I was very much impressed by your way of spiritual teachings through the courses Gita made easy, Bakthi Yoga and the Vrindavan Tour. Same way I am very eager to attend Discover Yourself Course.

    1. GitaMadeEasy StudyGita

      Hare Krishna!

      Thanks for your interest in Discover Yourself! This is a self-paced online course which consists of interactive video content. You can enroll and take this course at your convenience. Please reach out to us if you have any questions on the course content or need any help.

      Thank you,
      Team StudyGita

  3. Chithra priya .r Ramesh

    Hare Krishna prabu and mataji pranams
    I have attended bagavat gita couse it is really wonderful now I am attending gita made easy course really informative and making me to travel in spritual path
    I am intrested to join discover yourself couse because o am intrest to know about more to see the description if I get opportunity really i am lucky to serve lord Krishna through your service

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