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Discover Yourself

Thematic study of Bhagavad Gita

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7 thoughts on “Discover Yourself (Instructor led)”

  1. vijaya panicker

    Hare Krishna,!
    I’m enlightened by the matured & beautiful way of information given to me by Mataji. I’m fulfilling my long cherished wish by the Grace of Lord Sri Krishna. By listening six day’s course I will be able to know more about me.
    Thanks& Regards.

  2. PARITALA Sudhakar

    Hare Krishna

    The presentation of the course is concise, clear n simple to understand. The Mataji had beautifully presented in a logical n sequential way for easy understanding.

    The Q&A session at end of class also helped me to understand n clarify the concepts or doubts raised by devotees.

    Thanks to ISKCON chennai n Mataji for a wonderful class.

    Hare Krishna

    Aspiring devotee



    Hare Krishna.🙏🏻
    It had been my long wish to study Gita. I am fortune by SriKrishna’s Grace, that I was introduced to the Course , “Gita Made easy” and this course, “Discover yourself”.
    Very informative & interesting and each point is explained in a simple language. Thank you all in the team for this.
    With regards,
    Lakshmi Ramachandran

  4. Sankarji D

    Namaskar! Feel satisfied that i could attend all six days with the Grace of Sri Krishna.The Discover Yourself really prepared the ground for deep study of Sirmad Bhagawatgita.Mr heartfelt thanks to Shri Adbhuta Gopal Dasji for his simple language and measured flow.Also my thanks to the team who worked for the success of the program.( Hope the “success ” is proper to be used in this context……Regards, D Sankarji D24-004 Cosmocity, Pudupakkam Chennai.603103….

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